Episode 10 – A Manifesto on Integrity

In this episode of The Unraveled Life, I’m sharing my “Manifesto on Integrity”.

Over the past few months I’ve been on a journey to really connect to my authenticity and how I want to show up in my business. I’m making shifts to transition from being an Instagram therapist, to offering a so much more holistic approach to emotional well-being. In this episode, I read a letter I wrote to you, about how this has all unfolded over the past couple of years. I hope it will feel to you like just the call to action you need to reclaim a path that is in your integrity as well.

In the episode I mention a new membership program I’ll be running that is in line with everything I’m talking about here. Details are coming soon, but if you’re intrigued and want to get on the waitlist you can sign up here.

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