Episode 11: Grounding for Ungrounded Times

In this episode of The Unraveled Life, I’m sharing some tools and tricks for grounding.

We’re living in a time that is so ungrounded, contending with unknowns and uncertainty about so much of the future. More than ever, we need to learn to ground ourselves.

Today, I’m offering some specific tools and suggestions for how to ground yourself when emotionally overwhelmed, anxious or angry. But I’m also inviting you into trusting your own body and intuition when it comes to identifying what will and won’t work for you. 

We’ll explore: 

  • How to use the breath to ground yourself;
  • How to orient to the space around you to physically return to presence; 
  • How to use the five sense to self-soothe and comfort yourself;
  • What pendulation is and how to do it; 
  • And how to trust your own body and what works for you. 

In this episode, I mentioned work by one of my mentors, Varvara Erochina, who you can find on Instagram at @bewithvarvara.

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