Episode 13: Permission To Do 2021 Differently

This week’s episode is an invitation to approach 2021 differently, giving yourself more permission to move through this year with a more tender and gentle energy. I share how I’m exploring this in my own life, and provide you with some practical ideas and tips to integrate this into your days as well. 

In this episode, I talk about:

  • Still being in the middle of winter and what this means to approaching our wellness;
  • Finding your word of the year and setting intentions for 2021;
  • Getting out of your own way to find moments of joy in your life; 
  • Remembering that the only thing you can really control is taking care of yourself so you can be your best self;
  • Scarcity vs. abundance mindset; 
  • Our disconnection from our bodies and emotions and why this is happening; 
  • And ideas for giving yourself permission to do 2021 differently.

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