Episode 19: Tarot as a Tool for Intuitive Connection, with Giulia Mazzola

In this week’s episode I’m chatting with Giulia, who is a writer and inner forest guide, helping women reconnect with their intuition and live an intentional life. After leaving her corporate job in London, Giulia explored her own inner forest path to rediscover what was meaningful to her and her unique brand of magic and now helps guide others who wish to do the same. She writes for those that feel a little lost as they journey along their forest path and are looking for a guiding light, and for those that still believe in magic but aren’t sure where to find it just yet. We explore tools for connecting with your intuition, including tarot, journaling, and engaging with wonder and play.

In this episode, Giulia and I explore:

  • Her process of awakening, leaving the corporate finance world, and cultivating her own forest path;
  • How tarot and journaling can serve as tools for reconnecting with our inner knowing;
  • Gentle ways to begin exploring and working with tarot;
  • Ideas for engaging in play, joy, wonder and connecting with your inner child; and
  • How to find magic in the everyday.

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