Month in Review: June 2021

I cannot believe we are already in July. The last month has flown by so quickly. It feels like just a week or two ago that I was writing my May in Review blog post for you (which you can read here if you missed it).

Month in Review: June 2021

Some things have moved more quickly in June than I could imagine, while others have taken their sweet time. I’m slowly learning to be okay with trusting the pace at which my life and business unfold, although my internalized capitalist mindset still struggles with this at times. 

Summer definitely arrived in June with record breaking temperatures here on the west coast of Canada toward the end of the month, so in many ways June has felt a little more sluggish than I had hoped. But I’m also thrilled to be inviting in the summer weather, enjoying dips in the beautiful ocean, and am excited about a number of projects on the go.

My Intentions For June Were To:

  • Write more
  • Play more, and 
  • Worry less

I can honestly say, for the most part, I think I’ve been successful on all fronts!

Here’s How That’s Gone:


At the beginning of the month, I opened the doors to my membership community, Wellspring, for just three days. I had no idea how it would go. Every other time I’ve launched something, I’ve had the doors open for at least ten days. I kept my expectations low and allowed myself to be happy with anywhere in the range of 2-8 new folks joining us in the community. 

The timing was interesting as, in June, I also did a week long “media and reading deprivation” as part of The Artist’s Way group I am a part of. This required me to take a week off all reading, TV shows and movies, and all non-essential social media and online based communication. The intention of this process was to clear away all external distractions that get in the way of connecting with our own creativity. Of course I still needed to show up for work – especially since it happened to overlap with this launch – but other than that, I wasn’t showing up on social media at all. I found this to be a huge relief during a launch! I would post on my feed and stories, and then just disappear. While this certainly isn’t best practice for launching, it meant that I wasn’t getting in my head, comparing myself to other people and noticing last minute changes I should have made to my own launch strategy. I felt totally calm and detached from the outcome – something I have certainly not experienced to this extent in the past. And 8 new folks joined us inside our little community! 

I’ve also been working away at the book proposal and it all continues to take longer than I have wanted or expected it to. I’ve been writing the chapter focused on the history of capitalism and how this economic system continues to impact how we see ourselves and function in the world. It’s been so interesting and I’ve learned so much, and I’m getting close to finishing the chapter – which is a big win. But I’ve had to push out my timelines for getting it all done and ready to query agents a little longer, and amazingly, I’m okay with that. 

I’ve wrapped up The Unraveled Life podcast for the season, giving me a little more space to enjoy the summer months. And I’ve also realized that I want to work a little bit less each week, especially for the summer. I’m in the process of cutting my working hours down from about 30 each week to closer to 25 – which includes the time I spend writing my book. This might be why things are all moving a little slower than they have in the past, but I’m really embracing that slowness and treasuring the extra spaciousness it offers me.


I’ve been so delighted with the ways I’ve been prioritizing joy and caring for my inner child over the past month. From spending time in the lakes and the ocean, to making dinners and taking them as picnics to the beach, I’m building in more space for fun and play. I celebrated the solstice with a water ritual based on traditions from my European lineage. Taking the time to ritualize this changing of the seasons filled me with so much joy. And last week, I took my first ever contemporary dance class online, something I’ve been wanting to try for so long and loved it! 

Through all this, I’ve come to find my word of the season – PLEASURE. I really want to practice adding more pleasure into my life. By this I mean finding simple ways to give myself more sensations of enjoyment throughout the day. This might be picking wildflowers, or lighting a candle while I’m working. It might be putting on music and dancing while I cook dinner. Or it might be letting myself buy the fancy coffee I really want rather than opting for the boring drip coffee. I so often deny myself of pleasure, and I realize this is actually such a beautiful way for me to start to practice the systemic unraveling of so much of the social conditioning I carry, and am exploring in my work.

What I’m Celebrating:

  • The beautiful community we continue to build in Wellspring and how calm and low-anxiety my mini launch went earlier this month;

  • Filling up my client spots for both therapy and business mentoring for the rest of the summer and feeling fully booked until later in the fall (you can sign still reach out to get on my waitlist though);

  • Feeling like I’m on the final stretch with preparing this book proposal and also entering into a newfound level of trusting the process and the pace;

  • Getting excited about beginning to create my next offering, which is starting to emerge in my head and heart and I’ll likely be launching in the fall;

  • Showing up for play and fun and pleasure in all the ways I mentioned above; and

  • I almost forgot, I did my first ever professional photoshoot and updated all the photos over on my website!

Where I’m Struggling:

  • Things are feeling pretty good this month. I certainly feel some internalized “shoulds” and guilt around the amount of space I’m giving myself, but I know I can run this business in a way that feels supportive to both my wellness and my finances by working a little bit less. I’m still having a hard time trusting that, but in my bones I know it to be true, and I know it’s what I need.

  • I’ve somehow managed to overbook my client schedule a little bit. I love the work, and so I struggle to set boundaries and hold enough space for my other creative projects at times. This is an ever evolving process for me, and I’m always shifting and changing how much of what type of work I can take on. So I see it less as a struggle, and more as an evolution.

What’s Coming Up in July:

  • I’m taking a week off in July, which leaves a little less space for other things, but I’m excited to dedicate most of my spare creative energy and time this month to really focusing on getting the book proposal finished (or almost finished) and ready to send out to agents. I’d love to be querying agents by the end of this month, or early August at the latest. We’ll see how that actually ends up unfolding!

  • Otherwise, in terms of business bits, I’m mostly in a holding pattern. I’m going to be showing up a little less on Instagram in order to make room for the book proposal. I’m really working on recognizing the ebbs and flows in my business – that different aspects of my work can look different depending on the season I’m in. I don’t have to show up the same way on Instagram all the time, and it’s okay for me to take some space now to prioritize creating elsewhere.

  • I can’t wait to spend more time dancing! I’m so excited about this and I am eager to take more classes. I’ll have to keep you posted on how this goes. I’m also exploring all the other ways I can continue to add a little more pleasure and enjoyment into my days.

Nuts and Bolts:

Last month I shared the monthly breakdown of my business. I’m happy to keep sharing and talking about money in these ways, but I think it makes more sense for me to do a quarterly recap of my finances every three months instead, as it fluctuates so much month to month. So, you can expect to find this section available again at the end of September! To be honest, it’s going to get quite repetitive if I include it every month, so I think it will be more interesting to recap every few months instead 🙂 But for those of you who are really interested in this piece, you can find a sample month in my business finances on the previous blog

That’s It! The First Monthly Recap.

That’s it for this monthly recap! I’d love to know what you think. What did you find interesting? What do you want to know more about? How can I make these more helpful or improve future month-in-review posts? I’d love to know! Come share your thoughts over on Instagram @kelseymech.