Episode 24: What Is An Unraveled Life Anyway?

Welcome back! After a long hiatus, we’re back with a mini-season this fall. In this week’s episode I’m talking about what it means to live an unraveled life. I share about my own experience of approaching work, life and social media from a more seasonal perspective and how we can unravel all the “shoulds” to reconnect with who we really are.

In this episode, I talk about:

  • The origins of the title of the podcast “The Unraveled Life” and how this meaning has evolved in my own life and business over the past year; 

  • How you can approach work, life, and social media from a more seasonal and cyclical perspective; 

  • The REST acronym outlining four tools for reconnecting with yourself; and 

  • An invitation to submit questions for future podcast episodes!

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