Episode 27: Rekindling the Fires of Enchantment

Let’s talk about re-enchantment. Our world has become so disenchanted. The capitalist systems we live within literally rely on our disenchantment. I’m interested in reclaiming enchantment, and in this episode I explore a few different paths forward for how we can begin to engage in the world from a more enchanted perspective.

In this episode, I talk about:

  • Why we’re all feeling so disenchanted;

  • Why re-connecting to ourselves and our desires is the first step toward living a more enchanted life; 

  • How animacy, embodiment, seasonal living, connection to nature, and storytelling are all important components of reclaiming enchantment; and 

  • My own journey from fetal position on the floor to thriving.

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Resources I Share:

  • The Unraveled Life Episode 20: Re-Enchant your Life with Caitlin Brehm

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