Episode 33: Behind the Scenes of my Life and Business

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I’m sharing some BIG news about my life and business, including some reveals about changes that are coming up and all the background behind the scenes on why this is happening. If you want the inside scoop, and some insight on the next cycle of business I’ll be moving into then I hope this episode provides you some inspiration.

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Episode 33: Behind the Scenes of my Life and Business


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Kelsey Mech

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Welcome to the Unraveled Life Podcast. I’m Kelsey Mech, a registered clinical counselor and creative coach. On this show, we’re committed to unraveling the stories, expectations and beliefs of our capitalist and patriarchal society, and reconnecting to who we were before the world told us who we should be. I’m so excited. You’re here. Let’s unravel this together. 

Hello, welcome back to a solo episode. I haven’t done a solo episode here on the Unraveled Life Podcast in a little while as we have been having so many delightful, juicy, wonderful guests joining us. But I’m excited today to drop in with an episode just me. So it’ll probably be a little bit shorter. And I want to share some updates that I think will be really interesting, and I hope for you to hear. 

So these are some personal updates, some life updates, some business and work updates. And the reason I share all of this is because I really appreciate getting a behind the scenes looks. Look, pardon me, people who are trying to do business and life a little bit differently. And I always find it really helpful to understand how people are making the decisions they’re making and why and what goes into that. And so I wanted to just, yeah, pull aside the curtain as I am wanting to do and share a little bit about the behind the scenes of my life and my business right now. 

And if you are someone who is on my email list follows me on Instagram, you might have seen an email or post about this recently. So you kind of probably already know the very Coles Notes version of this. But I am going to expand in this episode on some of those decisions and thoughts in a little bit more detail. So hopefully, even if you have the like updates, you will stick around and listen to this as well, because I’m hoping to Yeah, give a little more insight into the background here. 

So things are changing pretty drastically in my work, in my life and my business. And I want to be totally transparent and honest with you. Because I always think it’s helpful to see, like I said, behind the curtain of other people’s lives. 

So the big news, which I’ll just start off with, and then I’ll expand on the why and background of all of that is that at the end of July, so coming up in three months from when this airs, I’m going to be closing Wellspring, which is my membership community that has run for the past year and a half, actually a little more than that, and has been the home of a lot of my work. This will also be the last time that I’m offering all of my existing courses on mental health, which I know some of you are familiar with, like The Work of Healing Anxiety and the Embrace Your Inner Child course and my Understanding Trauma Workshop. 

And on that same timeline, around the summer, I will be changing the way I offer business coaching. So just a quick caveat right away. If you are interested in Wellspring, or you’re interested in any of those online courses, or you’re interested in business coaching, now would be a really great time because this is literally the last chance to sign up for those things. So it’s the last chance for Wellspring and all of those online courses forever. As of May 10, I will be closing the doors to Wellspring, so if you want to get in for the last three months and join us for some fun things, we’re doing some we have three amazing guests, we have a fun theme, we are going to be exploring stuff around worthiness, we’re doing a book club for Already Enough by Lisa Olivera. It’s gonna be really great last three months, and you also get access to The Work of Healing Anxiety, the Embrace Your Inner Child course, and a workshop on trauma, which like all I value at about like $400 if you were to purchase them individually, so it’s a really great deal. And I’d love to have you for the last three months and so heads up about that.

And then also heads up about business coaching that my rates are gonna go up in n the summer when I transition, which I’ll explain a little bit more into how I’m how I’m working in a new way. So if you want to work one on one in a business coaching capacity, I’ve got like, two, maybe three spots starting in May or June. And then my prices are gonna go up after that. So just flagging all of that and those will be the only sales pitches I give you on this podcast, I promise. 

So big news, big changes how I got there. Um, I’m going to be totally transparent and honest, no surprise there. For those you who have been listening for a little while, for a long time, I have been struggling to market Wellspring it felt. So it started in December of Oh, man 2020. Is that right? No. Yeah, December 2020, starting December 2020. Sorry. And the first couple rounds, I opened it every six months, it was, it was awesome. Like, a really great group of people joined every time there was so much vibrancy and so much excitement. It was such a solid community. And some of those members actually quite a few of them have stuck around for the whole year and a half, which is awesome. And we’ve always had like a really beautiful core community. And I’ve always, always loved all of the people and all of the offerings in that space. And yeah, and it felt really easy to bring new people in, there was a lot of energy around this space. But in the last, maybe six to eight months, I’ve really been struggling to market it and invite people in in a way that feels in alignment with me, and how I want to do this work in the world in a way that feels easeful and feels not overly pushy and salesy. Because and I need to bring new people in. Because there is there’s some natural attrition as people, you know, get busy or have to move on and a space like this, which surprises a lot of people, this online community costs a lot of money to run. 

So just to give you an idea, I spend several hundred dollars a month, like in the range of $300 to $400 a month on the different platforms that I need to sustain it and run it to be here that includes a couple of things that I might have otherwise, like my email list, so probably strictly for Wellspring things. It’s like $200 to $300 a month. I have an incredible business assistant and community manager who I pay a good wage. And I am. Obviously she spends many hours a month holding space there. So that’s a significant chunk of change. Although I love her and is worth every penny, she’s amazing. But that is an output I have. And when I have guests come and speak typically I also pay them, you know? Well, right, I pay them well for their time, because that’s important. And so this means that just running Wellspring is several hundred dollars a month, many hundred dollars a month. 

And because of the way things have shifted in the way I show up on Instagram and the way Instagram’s algorithm works, I’ve noticed a real drop in engagement with my stuff. And my my shares, which is totally fine, right, like Instagram changed, that’s affected a lot of small business owners in significant ways. Because not all of us feel really aligned with the sort of new rhythm and algorithm of reels being heavily promoted. And it’s something that, absolutely, if I want to stay competitive, I know that I maybe could have really jumped on board with but it just didn’t feel in alignment for me and I. And so I’ve noticed a significant drop. And I’m not alone in this many, many, many smaller, even bigger accounts have noticed massive drops in how their work is found and shared on Instagram. I used to get 3000 likes on on some of my posts. I mean, that was high, but like in the range very, very often of 1000 to 2000. And now I get 50 to 200 on a good day. So it’s it’s a massive shift. And that’s really impacted how people find me and how people find my work. And it’s made it, it’s made me realize that I need to shift and create offerings that rely more on perhaps a different kind of style of marketing, more on referrals, or more on word of mouth; more on building relationships and those things. 

And so all of the things I was doing, all of these online courses and this Wellspring membership community are wrapping up because they’re just not working for me anymore. I’m struggling to sell them. And they’re also not feeling super aligned with who I am anymore because I’m shifting directions and the work I really, really really love to do right now in the world is supporting other creatives and business owners to build businesses that and creative lives. That feel really nourishing and juicy and spacious and easeful and sustainable and fun and all of those things. 

So for those two reasons, one really having a hard time with marketing it is if we’re being honest and making it financially viable, and to sort of a shift in my own direction, all of these pieces of my business are wrapping up, which is massive, because that has been other than my one on one therapy clients, the core of my entire business for the past three years have been these courses and this online community. And it’s all ending in July. 

But I’m realizing that I can do anything, but I can’t do everything, as Mara Glatzel says, and as exciting new opportunities arise for work that does feel more collaborative and CO created, I’m really needing to simplify and shed some of the parts of my business that just aren’t feeling as generative for me anymore. Because, to be honest, truth be told, I’ve been really lonely. It’s hard being a quote, unquote, solopreneur, which I think is a misnomer in and of itself, because I don’t really do anything without support of some kind. All of my ideas and thoughts are based on something I’ve read or learned from someone, and all of the systems I use are created and supported by people. And I have my own supports in my friends and my family. And people, I pay money on professionals for support. So I’m not really a solopreneur at all, but I do find it lonely. And, and it’s really hard to steer the ship of my business on my own and make all the decisions and ride through all the storms and stay motivated enough to keep showing up. And capitalism has taught us that, you know, this is how we should create in the world that this is what success looks like to us like going it alone and toughing it out and rising to the top. But I’m honestly so disinterested in having to keep pushing through alone. Because I really believe that the way through this mess we’re all in together is is through community and through co creation and collaboration and doing it together. 

So over the next few months, I’m closing the doors, and the parts of my business that feel no longer aligned are too big to hold solo. And I’m expanding into some really exciting collaborative ventures with some close friends. One close friend in particular, who does similar work, you know, Azalea Moen, if you’ve been listening to the podcast, we had an awesome conversation about creativity. And you know that we already work together on the Coven of Creativity. But we’re going to be expanding the Coven of Creativity into other offerings beyond the seasons of creation and the online community. And we’re also we also have another really fun business in the works, too, that will be supporting other business owners and creatives and really nourishing this part of me. And so a lot of my business coaching work in the future will be run through that shared business with her. And I’ll have so much more to share about that as we continue to build that out. But know that there are some really exciting things coming down the pipes. 

And so I share all this because I think so often we look at business owners, or anyone doing any kind of work in the world via creative or whatever it might be. And we still apply this like capitalist lens of always growing and always progressing and always building on things and making them better and improving. And really, that’s like so not how I want to do business, right? I want to do business in cycles. And right now I’m reaching the end of a cycle. I’m reaching the end of a cycle of doing things alone is the first time I said that out loud. And I’m like having feelings. There will still be some things I do alone, I will still be seeing my private practice therapy clients alone, although I’m actually thinking of joining a local clinic here, like an integrated practice. So maybe that happened, maybe I’ll have said yes to that. I’m not sure. By the time you’re listening to this. So clearly, I am really done with doing things alone. Because even that part I’m like, really wanting more community and collaboration around. 

But yeah, I think that this cycle of like proving to myself that I can tap it out and do business on my own and do it this one way has really served me; I’ve learned so much. And the reason that I now am able to do what I love at this point anyway, which is supporting and coaching other business owners is because I’ve done this, I’ve spent the last three and a half years doing this and I have thrived I’ve built a really successful business making really good money, although I have to say the next few months are going to be a little tight on the income run as I do this pivot. I feel really proud of myself. And I feel really done with this particular cycle. And I’m ready for the next cycle to begin and I’m ready for that spiral around the wheel to look more collaborative and more community oriented and more CO created. I’m ready for it to look like partnering with people that I love to work with and ready for ready for it to look like holding other people who are doing Wait incredible work in the world up and supporting one another instead of competing with one another. I’m ready to enter a cycle that’s about yeah dismantling some of these unhelpful, unsupportive beliefs around that we’ve internalized from capitalist systems. I’m ready to enter a cycle where I have more space to work on the things I love to work on, like writing, and creating and doing that more in like long form ways that feel really good to me. Rather than having to show up in a certain box on Instagram, I will still be in all of those places, I will still write your emails and I will still make these podcasts at least for the time being, we’re going to probably next episode pop back into guest episodes, I will still show up on Instagram. And some of those things might start to look different as I really radically simplify and radically prioritize where I want to spend my time. 

And so I also want to name that that feels very scary, it feels really scary. It feels like I’m taking everything that has worked in my business and throwing it out the window and going, Okay, I’m gonna kind of start from scratch. And I know I’m not starting from scratch, because you are here listening. And there are hundreds of you. And, you know, there’s several 1000 of you have on Instagram and I have some amazing things in the works. And all of the things I’m building in the cycle are because I did all this work in the past cycle. And all the relationships and connections I have, none of it is from scratch, but it does feel like a very fresh iteration. 

And so I share this because I just want you to give yourself full permission to like start a new two if you need to, with whatever, you know, level that looks like in your life that when I started this journey of entrepreneurship three and a half years ago, I I imagined I just always be growing this business, I’d always be Kelsey Mech, I mean, I still am. But like the business would always be Kelsey Mech, and it would just grow and grow and grow and grow. And I charge more. And I’d have more one too many offerings, and I’d hire people and it’d be this whole thing. And for some people that works, and it is awesome. And I’m realizing that actually what I want is different. I want community and partnership and connection. And I want to build with people and I don’t want to build it alone. And I want to hold other people up and I want to invite everyone in and do this together. So our dreams can change. Our plans can change. And I am along for the messy and wild ride and I am so happy you are here with me listening to this. 

If you have questions, feel free to email me or message me on Instagram. I’m happy to share like more particulars with anyone. If you want to pop into Wellspring for the last three months and get access to all of those juicy courses, would love to have you; deadline for that is May 10. So come on, come on over if you want to. If you want to work one on one together if if you’re listening to this and you’re like oh my god, yes, I need more of this in my own work and business. Like I said, I’ve got a couple spots for new coaching clients. So if that feels like a good fit, I’d love to chat just message me and we can set up a call at no cost to just you know, talk through whether it would be a good fit. 

Yeah, that’s me. That’s my truth right now and I’m just gonna figure the rest out as we go. So, thank you so much for being here. I really appreciate you listening. I love you all. And I hope you have a beautiful rest of your day.