Reflections on Q3 2021

I might have been a little ambitious with the idea of writing a review post every single month. Somehow I realized the last one I wrote was all the way back in July. Perhaps a quarterly reflection post of this variety is a little more realistic!

Q3 in Review: July, August & September

I always forget just how exhausting the summer months are. They are, of course, filled with splendid and exciting moments, fun and so much time spent in the sun – but all the excursions wear me out and I find myself having less time than I imagined for other things. I want to make a habit in the future of being more intentional about lightening the load in August in particular. I always assume the summer will be a time when I have extra energy, but it’s actually a time when I’m quite tired, so I’m giving myself full permission next year to scale way back in the summer months and trust that a surge of energy will return in autumn.

Here’s How Q3 Has Gone:


I finished writing my book proposal, which was probably my biggest undertaking over the summer months, and am now deep in the querying process, hoping to find an agent to work with on this project. I’m so proud of the final project I put together and am optimistic that it will find the right person to support it in coming to life. 

I also started using a new sliding scale payment option for Wellspring and am really thrilled with how people responded to that and how honest and in integrity folks have been in choosing payment options that work for them. 

I took a hiatus from a lot of my content creation and hit pause on the podcast, as well as slowed down on sending out email letters for a while. I’m noticing my energy for these creative projects is returning to me with the cooler and darker days, so I’m excited to be re-invigorated to bring life back to these spaces again after being a bit more quiet over the summer months. 

And, of course, I was still regularly seeing clients all summer – both therapy clients and a handful of creative business coaching clients, which I love diving more into (and I have one spot opening for in October if you’d like to work together). I also started teaching at the University of Victoria again in September, and it has been such a treat to return to the energy of in-person classes again.


It’s been a whirlwind of weekend trips and family time. I always overbook the summer. I’m so excited to have the nice weather for local adventures, but somehow we found ourselves with something booked almost every single weekend this summer. I’m making a mental note to myself to dial it way back next year.

What I’m Celebrating:

  • Finishing my book proposal and having the courage to send it out to potential agents;

  • The beautiful community we continue to build in Wellspring;

  • The return of my creative energy, ideas and passions as we move into the autumn months and the trust I am building in myself to have faith in the cycles of the year; 

  • Getting excited about beginning to create my next offering, which is starting to emerge in my head and heart and I’ll likely be launching in late fall or early on in the new year;

  • And also some super big and exciting life things that I’m not quite ready to share yet but have also been taking up a lot of space and energy.

Where I’m Struggling:

To be honest, I’m exhausted. I’m consistently recognizing that bandwidth for creating and showing up for my work in the world is less than I desire it to be. This means I have to be more and more radically discerning about what I want to focus my energy on and what I need to let go of.

What’s Coming Up in Q4:

  • I’m taking the month of October (or at least most of it) off Instagram. I need to go dark for a little while to figure out a more cyclical and sustainable approach to showing up there so it isn’t sapping all my creative energy. I want to be able to pour more energy into the spaces that really matter to me, like my podcast and my email letters, so I’m taking a step back to get a clean break from Instagram and then rebuild my approach from the ground up. 

  • The Unraveled Life podcast will be back within the next couple of weeks for a mini-season. I’m so excited to get back to sharing in that space with you again! 

  • And I’ll also be dreaming up my next program. Think small intimate group, diving deeply into everything I explore on the podcast and finding ways to re-enchant our lives and take our power back from the grasp of capitalism and patriarchy. Yep, it’s gonna be juicyyyyyy. 

  • Maybe finding an agent for my book?!?! Just putting it out there.

Nuts and Bolts:

In case you’re interested in the biz side of things, here’s a breakdown of what I spent my time doing and how I earned my money this quarter. I think it’s critical that we stop stigmatizing conversations around money. It doesn’t need to be taboo, and the more we talk openly about it, the more we take power away from the broader systems that want us all to keep it hushed and quiet so we’re constantly in competition with one another. 


$3800, or roughly $1250 per month (this includes paying my business assistant, online programs and tools I use, paying for the guest teacher in Wellspring, paying my business coach, and some legal fees for contracts I had drawn up – lawyers are expensive!).


  • Wellspring membership community – about 40 members. This brings in between $1200-$1400 depending on the month

  • One-on-one therapy clients – I usually see 5-7 therapy clients a week, and my revenue from this over the past quarter was about $2800 on average per month

  • Creative business coaching clients – tight now I’m only seeing two clients, though over the summer I was working with up to four at a time. I actually have space for one more now in October if you’d like to do this work with me! My income from this varied from $800-$1200 per month.

  • University class – I teach a fourth year undergraduate class at the University of Victoria. They pay me $1400 each month.

My total revenue from my business this quarter (before above expenses and taxes) was about $17,000. This means, the monthly income I take home each month AFTER expenses and taxes works out to about $3500 give or take.

That’s It For This Quarterly Recap!

I’d love to know what you think. What did you find interesting? What do you want to know more about? I’d love to know!

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