You know there must be a way of living your life, making your art, or running your business that’s more enchanting than this.



You’re done with the hustle culture, the burnout, the constant sense that you should be doing more.


You’re ready to reclaim your joy, and bring a sense of wonder and playfulness back to your work and your life.



Sound like you?

Then I’m here to tell you there’s another way, a gentler way, a more enchanting way and I’m thrilled to invite you to journey there together.


Let me introduce you to…

What Is It?


It’s my 6-month experiential small group program that guides you to step outside of toxic productivity culture, reconnect with what matters most to you, unravel the harmful narratives of capitalism, and create work and art on your own terms.


Running live from January-June 2022


During Our Time Together, You Will Be Supported To:


The Re-Enchantment Sessions are for you if:


– You’re a small business owner, creative entrepreneur, or artist who wants to be successful in your work but is done with subscribing to the expectations of our capitalist society;

– You crave a sense of enchantment, wonder and joy in your life;

– You’re a little bit witchy, or open to rituals and practices from your own lineage; 

– You are feeling exhausted by the pace and expectations of our modern society, and are disillusioned with the versions of “success” we’ve been presented;


– You deeply desire to work, create, live and play in a way that doesn’t lead to burn out;

– You’re ready to take intentional action in your life and work in a way that truly works best for you; 

– You’re ready to feel deeply supported in this season and pursue your goals in a way that helps you feel more alive; and 

– You desperately want to fill your life with more of what you desire, but you’re held back by all the things you believe you “should” do instead.

This is a trans-inclusive space. All women and non-binary folk are welcome.

The first round of The Re-Enchantment Sessions is open to anyone who is self-employed or partially self-employed, or has ownership and flexibility over how they create their work and life relationship.


You’ll ideally be entering into this container with something specific you are working on – a business or creative project – that you want support in bringing to fruition. We’ll use that as the hook to hang our hat on, but we’ll be focusing less on the actual project itself and more on how we approach that work.


What This Is Not:


This is not a group to teach you how to build your business, or do marketing, or how to create a course. This is a group to support you to untangle all the narratives that get in the way of you approaching your work from a nourishing standpoint. This is about unraveling how capitalism shows up in our work and our lives, and creating alternative ways of working.

It’s hard work, it feels scary and radical, and it requires us to go deep into questioning all of these learned stories of what success should look like, and that’s why we’re going to do it together in this community.


What’s Included?


Two group calls every month

These live sessions will be an opportunity for us to explore the material together. They will be a combination of coaching and peer support, designed to help you sink deeply into new ways of being in a supportive community. Live calls will take place on Thursdays at 12pm PT. 


Monthly audio coaching sessions and handbooks

Each month I’ll offer an audio coaching download and set of worksheets to introduce you to the material we’ll be exploring, encourage and support you through the process, and guide your own internal exploration.


Private Slack community

A space where we can all gather to support one another, tenderly hold each other accountable, and celebrate wins. I’ll also be there to check in with you each week, and offer support and encouragement wherever you’re getting stuck.


Optional co-working space

During the weeks between our group calls, you’ll have the opportunity to join co-working calls if you’d like company, support and community while you’re working. These calls are designed to help bring more enchantment to our work and practice implementing the approaches we are discussing. These will also be on Thursdays at 12pm PT. 


Additional content & guest teachers depending on group needs

As the group unfolds, I’ll be offering additional support, including audio lessons, guided visualizations, worksheets and/or guest speakers depending on the evolving needs of the group


Readings from supportive texts

We’ll draw on texts, including Caliban & the Witch by Sylvia Federici, If Women Rose Rooted and other work by Sharon Blackie, and Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes.


Bonus complimentary session

AND you’ll also receive one free 60-minute one-on-one session with me to use at any point during our time together whenever you get stuck or want to dive in a little more deeply. 

Here’s What I Believe Is Possible For You


– You trust yourself, your intuition, your needs, and you create your work in the world in a way that supports you first and foremost. 

– You rekindle a sense of enchantment and excitement that you thought was lost. 

– You feel deeply connected to practices that support you and you can always return to moving forward. 

– You create a sense of ease with which you approach your work, letting go of the capitalist mindset so many of us have internalized, and giving yourself permission to move more slowly.  

– And, you still create incredible work in the world – whatever that means for you.


How It All Works


Month 1 – How we Became Disenchanted

In our first month together we’ll get to know one another, introduce ourselves and our projects, and get clear about what we are hoping to get out of this space.

We’ll identify what needs to shift in our lives and our work, and what we want to accomplish based on how we want to feel.

We’ll explore the hold capitalism and patriarchy has on all of us and how this shows up in our work and our lives now.

Month 2 – Re-Enchantment Through Storytelling

In our second month together we’ll identify and unravel the stories and beliefs that get in our way and the ways of working that feel harmful.

We’ll write a new heroine’s journey for ourselves, mapping out the ways in which we have already been the hero of our own story.

We’ll get clear on the tasks we need to move through in order to write a new story, filled with enchantment, wonder and joy.

Month 3 Exploring Animacy

In our third month together, we’ll explore the idea of animacy – the sense that everything around us is alive.

We’ll work from the perspective that our creative endeavours are animate and learn to access the wisdom inherent to them.

By co-creating with our projects in this way we’ll feel a greater sense of ease and flow with our work. 


Month 4Unraveling the Hold of Worth & Wealth

In our fourth month, we’ll explore the concept of worth and get clear on how much of our identity is wrapped up in how much we earn, how much we do, and how we define success.

We’ll unravel the beliefs that have a harmful hold on us and make way for a more supportive definition of our worth instead.

We’ll learn to approach our work in the world from a place of trust, sovereignty and abundance instead of scarcity and lack. 

Month 5 – Seasonality, Tending & Embodiment

In our fifth month, we’ll explore seasonality, tending and embodiment.

We’ll work with the seasonal and cyclical nature of our bodies and lives and develop ways of working that honour the natural ebb and flow.

We’ll tend to ourselves by listening to what we most need and responding to those needs, and we’ll learn practices for turning inward toward the body and our emotions, and practice being present with what is.

Month 6 – Re-Enchantment Through Ritual

In our final month together, we’ll create individual and shared ritual practices that can support us as we continue this work outside of this container.

We’ll cultivate touch points to check-in with ourselves and explore reconnecting with ancestral practices from our own lineages.

We’ll also culminated our time together with a shared ceremony to celebrate all we have harvested, shed and grown in our time together. 





Your Investment

The program operates on a sliding scale from $225-$425 CAD per month. 

If you’d prefer to pay in full at the onset of our work together, you can make a single contribution of $1300-$2500 CAD.


Deadline to apply is early December or whenever spaces fill.




How much access will I have to you? 

I will be available throughout the week in our Slack community to encourage, guide, and support you. I will also be available for additional guidance on all of our calls. In other words: you’ll have the opportunity to connect with me (1) live on the calls once a week and (2) in our Slack community in between those calls.

Is there a payment plan? 

There are options available if you need to extend your payments out further. Please contact me at to discuss any questions regarding financial need.

What results does this program guarantee?

I don’t guarantee any specific results. You’ll get out of this program what you put into it. The Re-Enchantment Sessions isn’t about selling you a quick fix or a step-by-step formula for success. Instead this is a safe place to dive deep into how you can make your business work best for you while honouring your health, your energy, your needs, and your sense of joy and wonder. I’ll be sharing with you insights and lessons learned from my own journey, but ultimately this program is here to guide you in finding your own approach to re-enchantment and offer you guidance, encouragement, community, and support every step of the way.

When does the program start and finish? 

We’ll begin with our first gathering on January 20th, 2022 and end with our closing ceremony on July 7th, 2022. 

When are the calls?

All calls are on Thursdays at 12pm PT. Group calls are every second Thursday and co-working calls are on alternating weeks. It is ideal that you attend almost all group calls (we understand if you need to miss one or two here or there), but the co-working calls are optional. 

How will the calls work? 

The calls will vary from week to week depending on the needs of the group. Most calls will begin with an offering of some introductory material and concepts, and then will open into a collaborative discussion. There will also be time to individually share, and everyone will have an opportunity to speak and receive support or coaching from both myself and others in the group. 

How big will the group be? 

This round of The Re-enchantment Sessions will be capped at 8 participants. 

Do I have to participate in all the calls? 

Ideally, yes. The calls make up one of the core components of this program and the intention is for you to be able to attend the group calls. While the co-working calls are totally optional, it would be amazing if you could attend our regular group calls. Of course, I know life happens, and it’s completely reasonable to miss one here or there. 

What kind of person/business owner is this for? 

Everyone, no matter what stage in business or creativity you’re at, is welcome. So long as you have some flexibility  play with how you structure your life and approach your work – you can be fully self-employed, not currently working, partially self-employed, or even working full time for someone else with some flexibility. Whether you’re just getting started and struggling to find momentum at a pace that works best for you, or you’re many years into this and struggling with burnout because your business is asking more of you than you’re willing to give, please know you are welcome here. 

How much time will the program take each week?

In addition to attending the calls each week, you’ll also want to spend some time implementing the shifts and changes we are exploring. There also may be additional worksheets, audio lessons, and other forms of content for you to explore. All in all, you’ll likely need 2-3 hours a week to dedicate to this program depending on how involved you’d like to be. This doesn’t include any time you are spending on your own work, art or other projects outside of this. 

Are refunds available?

I get that this is a big investment for you, it’s equally a big part of my business income, so refunds are not available. That being said, I want to help you make an informed decision about whether this is the right investment for you. You can book a free call with me at any time to get any questions you have answered. Just email me at and we can plan a time to chat. 

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

Drop me an email at and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!