So, You’re Anxious? I See You.


And I’m committed to supporting you to find more calm and ease in your life.


Perhaps you’ve always been an anxious person, or maybe anxiety has crept up in your life more recently. Maybe your anxiety is rooted in a specific situation or circumstance, or it could be present constantly. However your anxiety shows up, I get it. I’ve struggled with anxiety off and on my whole life, and as a clinical counsellor and therapist, I finally have the tools to manage it and live a full life without anxiety getting in the way.

Here’s the thing about anxiety: it’s a part of being human.


Especially in our modern society that demands so much of us in terms of productivity and success, it’s something most of us struggle with. You’re not alone. But that doesn’t make it any less frustrating, and that’s why I’ve developed this course: for you to learn how to take back control of your anxious thoughts and find peace from the physical symptoms of anxiety.

Welcome to The Work of Healing Anxiety


An online self-study course to help you develop an empowered and healthy relationship with your anxiety


I’ve poured my heart and soul into creating this course. It has everything in it that I wish I had access to when I was in the trenches of my own struggle with anxiety. Over the eight modules, the course will cover about as much content as I would work through in 7-8 therapy sessions with an individual client. This is the most affordable way I know of for you to access this level of content and support.  

It’s also called “The Work of Healing Anxiety” for a reason. Managing anxiety takes work. This course will provide you everything you need to do that work: from specific grounding tools, to concrete practices for exploring your emotions, to journal prompts and guidance that will help you understand your anxiety at a whole new level. I’ll provide the structure, the guidance, the knowledge, and the skills – everything you need to take back control over your anxious mind.

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What Past Participants Are Saying: 


“Kelsey has a warm and inviting approach to helping people understand and work through the anxiety they are experiencing. The anxiety course I took with Kelsey was informational and helped me reframe anxiety in a more positive way. Before the course I thought of anxiety as negative, annoying, and I just wanted it to go away. Kelsey was able to help me understand more where anxiety was coming from and look at it in a more positive and supportive way; at how anxiety was there to serve me. Looking at anxiety in a more in-depth and a more positive way has helped ease the anxiety in my life. I would recommend this course if you are looking to understand more why you experience anxiety.”  

– Julie MacNaughton


I have struggled with anxiety my whole life. And I never realized until about three years ago. I always just thought that was who I was. I struggled so much it manifested in brutal physical symptoms. I went into this course thinking if I learn one thing to help it will be worth it. I was not expecting to learn several new things each week that helped me so much. Kelsey’s kindness, compassion and knowledge helped me more than I can ever put into words.”



After an especially bad year of anxiety and panic attacks, I knew I needed help, but going to therapy didn’t feel like an option at the time. I decided to take a chance and sign up for The Work of Healing Anxiety course to get the help I needed, and I’m so glad I did! Now I’m crystal clear on what I can do to cope and calm down when I’m feeling really anxious or panicky, and I also know how to proactively prevent those bigger anxiety build-ups from happening in the first place. Invaluable!

Kelsey was definitely knowledgeable on the topic, and also empathetic and attentive. I’m so grateful to her for not only teaching me about a wide range of practical anxiety tools and techniques, but also about how to make friends with my anxiety and approach it with compassion and understanding vs. hatred and judgement.”

– Leslie V.

Here’s What’s Included:


Techniques for managing your anxiety:

This course covers an in-depth exploration of how anxiety manifests in your mind and body and how you can support yourself in taking your power back, drawing on cognitive tools, emotional processing and somatic (body-based) approaches.

7 modules of content and classroom learning:

Including a combination of videos, audio recordings, grounding techniques and meditations, and intentionally-crafted weekly workbooks for you to apply to your own anxiety.

Videos + audio meditations:

Over 5 hours of video material explaining course concepts and supporting you to apply the course teachings to your own life, as well as audio recorded meditations.


Over 70 pages of journal prompts and beautifully crafted workbook pages to guide you through the whole process.

Each module includes a printable PDF workbook with 10-20 pages of exercises, journal prompts and activities for you to apply to your own experiences of anxiety.

Here’s a peek inside one of the workbooks:



A guided structure walking you through the course over the span of 8 weeks (or you can choose your own adventure and go at your own pace).

Lifetime access:

You’ll have lifetime access to all the material to revisit time and again as you need it. I’ll also be updating the course with new information and techniques for you to access. 

Here’s What We’ll Cover:


Week 1: introduction

  • What is anxiety? Understanding the different types of anxiety and what is at the root 
  • Workbook: Getting to know your anxiety and collecting information about how it shows up for you

Week 2: responding to anxiety with the mind

  • How to respond to anxiety with your thoughts, drawing on cognitive behavioral therapy techniques
  • Learn how to check the facts, seek evidence opposing your anxiety, return to reason and find your Wise Mind 
  • Explore grounding tools and begin applying them to your life 
  • Workbook: Reframing your thinking and talking back to your anxiety in the moment

Week 3: responding to anxiety in the body

  • Understand what happens in the body and nervous system when we are anxious 
  • Explore fight/flight/freeze and the stress response
  • Learn how to work with your body and physiology instead of against it 
  • Deep dive into grounding skills to return to baseline using the body 
  • Workbook: Befriending your nervous system and learning what your body needs when it’s anxious

Week 4: tools for feeling through anxiety in the body

  • Learn ways to feel and embody anxiety in the moment without it overwhelming you
  • Identify the emotions present beneath anxiety and find healthy ways to process those emotions 
  • Develop a greater emotional vocabulary and understanding 
  • Workbook: Get to know the emotions beneath your anxiety 

[Week 5: break week]

  • Take some time to catch up on material or integrate your learnings so far 

Week 6: anticipating anxiety

  • Learn how to be proactive about expecting anxiety
  • Begin to befriend your anxiety and better understand its needs and triggers 
  • Understand anxiety as only one part of you and get to know this part
  • Workbook: Build a relationship with your anxious part and develop self-compassion 

Week 7: creating a lifestyle that supports you

  • Create a concrete plan for lifestyle changes to support you in breaking free from anxiety 
  • Explore your self-care routines and habits and get clear about what you need
  • Find specific ways of incorporating anxiety-reducing tools throughout your day 
  • Learn ways to communicate your needs regarding your anxiety to your loved ones 
  • Workbook: Begin developing a personalized self-care plan for supporting your anxiety

Week 8: re-aligning with what is most important

  • We’ll look at how our anxiety is exacerbated by the bigger picture systems and “shoulds” 
  • You’ll get clear on your values and learn how to use them to find center 
  • Workbook: Put it all together and finalize a plan for managing your anxiety 

This Course Is For You If: 


  • You feel a certain degree of anxiety all the time and you’re getting frustrated. You’ve tried everything you can think of but it still feels like there’s a knot in your chest you can’t move. 
  • You experience intense anxiety and/or panic attacks and want to learn how to better manage those in the moment so they don’t get in the way of you living your life. 
  • You feel alone with the struggles you’re having with anxiety and want support. 
  • You think you already know everything about managing anxiety and are wondering how to actually put it into practice. 
  • You have anxiety in regards to specific situations, such as social settings, and want to find ways to manage your emotional reactions. 
  • You want to better learn how to support someone close to you with the anxiety they are experiencing. 

Please note: This course is not counselling or therapy. If you believe you need more support than this course can offer or are in a state of crisis, please seek additional help from a certified professional in your area.

If You Prefer To Listen…


I’ve recorded a few words for you here to give you a little more insight into what you can expect from this course.

More Praise for The Work of Healing Anxiety: 


Kelsey, your Work of Healing Anxiety course was planned and executed with such detail and care. I felt supported from my first log into the community and course content. I loved that each week of the course provided a different approach to examine, understand and work with our anxiety. We reviewed many different approaches and techniques and many of them have resonated for me. I’ve begun to view my anxiety less as a perceived flaw and more of an understandable reaction to the stressors in my life. Something I can learn from, grow from and heal from.

I appreciated how intentional you were in varying the course delivery to help us stay engaged; using videos, reading, meditations and workbooks to explore each week’s content. 

Above all, it’s clear how invested you are in working compassionately and intentionally with those of us that experience chronic anxiety. Kelsey, I feel fortunate to have experienced your kindness, compassion and wisdom. I appreciated the ability to take part in your course and would wholeheartedly recommend the Work of Healing Anxiety to others. I feel empowered to continue to journey of navigating my experience with anxiety. I’m confident that what I have learned can continue to be cultivated and grown after the course has ended.”

-Katy Leverick


Kelsey Mech’s Work of Healing Anxiety course is transformational. She offers key foundational knowledge and support for understanding the emotions that are often buried under our anxiety. This course allowed me to focus on one emotion at a time, give it space to be understood and validated, and the ability to communicate with it in a healthy, productive way. 

Kelsey’s raw honesty and insight coupled with a gradual program, designed with comfort and safety in mind, allowed me to break down the difficult and make it all manageable. This course not only allowed me to understand how to manage emotions, but also when to listen to my emotions in order to heal. When I learned how to listen to my emotions and the reaction to my emotions, I learned how to live with intention.

The tools and knowledge acquired in this course carry over every single day and for that I am eternally grateful. To this day, I keep little reminders of some of the tools offered in Work of Healing Anxiety all over my house and in my car and wallet to give me strength and guidance when I need it. The moment I joined Kelsey’s course is the moment I started to heal and I believe through this course you will start to heal you, too.”

-Melanie Smolter


“I first struggled to take the course because I’ve never taken online counselling before but I’m so glad that I joined the course. I’ve already taken counselling to heal my anxiety, but Kelsey’s work offered a new perspective which helped me to ground and find my confidence back to go into situations in which I feel anxious (especially during these crazy times). I felt excited to go through the material she offered every week and apply it to my own life. I’m sad that it finished but maybe we’ll meet in the future, again.”




How much time will I need to spend on the course each week? 

The videos offered will be about 20-40 minutes long, depending on the week. Some weeks I will also provide guided meditations and visualization recordings for you to try as well. To get the most out of the workbooks, I recommend spending anywhere from 30-60 minutes on them each week. So, if you really want to deep dive into all the material, it would take you about 2 hours for each weekly module. 

That being said, you’ll have access to the material in the course indefinitely, so you can always return to it as needed and there is no need to rush through any of the material. You can choose to follow the weekly structure or go entirely at your own pace! 

When is the course available?

Anytime you’re ready to begin tackling your anxiety. You’ll receive immediate access to the course in its entirety as soon as you purchase it. 

Are there payment plans available?

You bet! You can pay for the course over three payments spread out over three months. 

Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied?

I truly believe in this course. I’ve poured so much effort into and and if you put the work in, I believe you will see results and gain so much from the process of taking this course. For that reason, I am not offering refunds. That being said, if something happens in your life that prohibits you from partaking in the course after you have already purchased it, you can email me at and we can discuss options on a case by case basis. 

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Your Investment:


Choose a one time payment of $227 CAD (about $175 USD)

or three monthly payments of $77 CAD.