Are you ready to create a deeper connection with your true self and your desires?


Do you want to feel more ease, more joy, and more intention in how you approach your life? 


You’re invited to join: 


a supportive and nurturing membership community dedicated to reclaiming your authentic self and cultivating emotional wellness.

I imagine, like me, you feel exhausted and burnt out with the daily thrum of our modern life.

You desire more joy, more freedom, more space.

You want to nourish your desires, care for yourself, tend to your needs, but you feel lost and overwhelmed, unsure of where to start. 

Through Wellspring, we’ll walk a path together that guides you back to your body, your longing, your self.

We’ll clear away the cobwebs and dust keeping you stuck, and find a new path forward that reconnects you to your authentic power and integrity so that you can claim your desires, show up as your whole self in your relationships, and feel more confident in your life.

Welcome to Wellspring.

In Wellspring, you’ll be supported to:

  • Radically show up for your needs;
  • Prioritize your well-being;
  • Tune into the natural cycles of nature; and
  • Feel deeply connected to your body, your heart, and ultimately, yourself.



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Who Is Wellspring For?


This monthly membership community is for all women who:


  • Crave reconnection with the lost parts of themselves
  • Wish to dismantle the stories they’ve been told about who they “should” be
  • Deeply desire to reclaim their truth
  • Crave a greater sense of mental health and wellness
  • Want to reconnect with their souls through seasonal, cyclical living and slower ways of being
  • Are done with the corporate rat race and who are ready to start reclaiming their time and energy, without quitting their day job
  • Give endlessly to their families and want to learn to give to themselves too


This is a space to do the hard, but incredibly powerful, work of healing.

It’s a space for you to uncover your core wounds, process emotional pain, and cultivate a set of practices to support your mental health and well-being so you can feel good, nourished and supported

Wellspring is also a space to learn how to move away from the linear path of our modern Western society and step into a more cyclical and seasonal way of being.

It’s a space to learn how to return to ancestral practices from your own lineage, and a slower pace of life.

Here’s How Wellspring Works:

We’ll loosely follow the Wheel of the Year to help align our minds and bodies back into the seasons.

This means, instead of following the calendar year we’re all familiar with, we’ll focus more on tuning into the seasonal shifts we experience in the physical world and use the equinoxes and solstices to mark our time here.

This can help us shift from the exhausting, linear, progress-oriented thinking of the modern Western world, to a more natural, cyclical way of moving through life, helping us recognize there is a season for all things. 


Each quarter has a different focus, which we transition through at the portal of each equinox and solstice.


We rotate through these focuses throughout the year, using the seasons as our guide. 


We care for ourselves and nurture all that we have planted, creating space in our lives for the upcoming harvest.


We practice gratitude for all we have cultivated and explore what we need to let go of as we move into the darker days of the year.


We give ourselves permission to rest, travel inwards, explore the shadows and be with what is with our full presence before spring returns.


We focus on what we want to plant and grow throughout the year and plant the first seeds in the ground of our lives.


Within each of the seasons, we’ll explore a handful of more focused topics to help us dig deeper into the themes of bloom, tend, harvest and rest.


Each of these topics will be artfully chosen based on the needs of the group and what is taking place in the world around us to help provide us with additional support on our journey inward.

The materials for each topic will be released on the new moon to help us tune into the lunar cycle in addition to the broader seasons.

There will be 13 topics explored each year, one for each lunar cycle. 

For a sample breakdown of what a year in Wellspring could look like, scroll down to the bottom of this page.


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Wellspring is the space I have always wanted and needed on my own journey.


In all my years of hopping from one online membership or course to the next, I haven’t found quite what I’ve been looking for. This is it. 


In Wellspring, I hope for you to feel deeply tended, held, and nourished – by myself, the practices we will engage in, and the supportive soulful community we’ll create together. 

Wellspring is a combination of my two greatest passions: mental health and cultivating slower, more ancestral ways of living in line with the natural rhythms of the earth.

On my own journey, I’ve learned I cannot have one without the other, and I’ve seen time and again the same is true for so many women.

In order to cultivate true mental wellness, we cannot simply push through and strive harder, or apply all the tools and techniques in the book. We need to also connect to ourselves, to the land, to our histories and our roots. We need to nourish the deep inner knowing that comes from connecting with the seasons and cycles of the world around us and of our own physical and emotional bodies. We must learn from the ways of life embraced before the Industrial Revolution swept us off our feet and into the 9-5 hustle.

Here’s What You’ll Receive From Wellspring:


Seasonal guides:

Before each equinox and solstice, as we move from one season to another, you’ll receive a PDF guidebook from me for that season.

These seasonal guidebooks will provide you with an assortment of offerings for the coming months including an outline of the topics we will dive into more deeply and invitations for celebrating the season. 

Peek inside the Spring 2021 guidebook:


Monthly focus:

On each New Moon, you’ll receive a PDF workbook walking you through the theme and exercises for the topic of that lunar cycle, along with a private video or audio lesson exploring that month’s theme. You’ll receive suggested practices for each new and full moon, along with journaling prompts to take your self-exploration deeper.  

Peek inside a workbook:


Weekly prompts:

Every Sunday, I’ll send you an email with a specific weekly prompt or reflection to deepen your exploration into the topic of that month. These will all be based on content already in the guidebook but will serve as gentle prompts to remind you of our focus. These invitations will always be just that, invitations. There is never pressure to take on more than you desire, but the structure will be provided for those who thrive with more accountability. 

Live calls:

We’ll also have 3-4 live calls each lunar cycle to connect on the topics we’re exploring more deeply and hold space for one another through sisterhood:

  • a group call where we will dive into and explore the topic more deeply, explore what is coming up and work through pain points and challenges together;

  • a supportive gathering which will be a space to hold one another and witness what is coming up in a safe container;

  • a guest call for which I invite on a teacher, speaker or mentor I know who can offer us further guidance in deepening our understanding of the theme for that month; 

  • and sometimes we have an additional member run call, including anything from creativity circles to conversations about toxic productivity culture. 

All calls are optional if you can’t make them live. Most calls will be 75 minutes long, though guest calls will vary slightly. Calls typically begin between 1pm-3pm PST/4pm-6pm EST. Recordings will be available for all calls if you can’t attend live (except the supportive witnessing calls, which will be kept private in order to maintain participants’ privacy and safety).

Virtual community space:

Our virtual community space will be a place for you to come together to connect with one another, share, heal and dive deeper into the work collectively. This will be held on Mighty Networks, a beautiful stream-lined platform with similar functionality to a Facebook group, but completely separate from all other social media.

Coaching from me:

I will be actively present in the community space offering comments, feedback and support almost daily. Once a month, you’ll also have an opportunity to submit questions to me – in line with our theme or anything else you’re craving support on. I’ll be recording a private podcast for you with coaching, guidance, and support tailored just to you.

Prior modules:

In addition to all this, you’ll receive access to prior modules on the topics we’ve already covered this year: rest, seasonal living, connecting to your inner knowing, cultivating self-trust and feeling your feelings.


As Wellspring evolves, these offerings may shift and change depending on what feels most nourishing to the group. This is just a starting point.


My deepest desire is to cultivate a community & content that feels truly supportive to you.


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Member Feedback:

Take a few breaths.

Really tune in and listen.


Pause what you are doing and return to your body.

As you read the words on this page, notice what is coming up for you.

Excitement? Fear? Anxiety? Joy? Sadness? Grief? Longing?

All of these feelings are valid responses to this invitation.

Notice what your soul is calling for in this moment, notice what your body is telling you. Perhaps, the tightness in your chest, the warmth in your belly, are a sign that your intuition is pulling you forward. Perhaps this is exactly the moment you’ve been waiting for all along.

Why Wellspring?


By definition, a wellspring is the original and bountiful source of something. I love the idea of imagining a wellspring as the place we return home to within ourselves to connect with our source, our truth, our longing.

Wells have also been traditional gathering places for women throughout history. And as water is often representative of emotions, Wellspring will be the place for us to connect heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul, woman-to-woman. 

Be well. Come to the spring and fill your cup.

Wellspring is a space for you to be nourished. Like a well, it is here for you as an offering that you can return to again and again, anytime you need it. That means that everything offered inside Wellspring is an invitation. You can pick and choose what resonates with you, with no pressure to complete everything. There is no behind and no catching up. 

Wellspring is not just an online course or virtual community.


It is both, and so much more.


Elements of Wellspring are offered for your learning – through videos and PDFs introducing you to the themes of the seasons. But you’ll be invited to go deeper and explore how this applies to your own life through journal prompts and guidebooks.

There is a community component, but it is more than just another virtual space. It’s a place of deep connection, to create bonds with other women that hold space for the most authentic versions of ourselves to step forward. It’s also a space of co-creation, where you can ask for and receive what you need and help the space to evolve over time. 

I hope you’ll join us.

What Members Are Saying:

A Sample Year in Wellspring…



In summer 2021, under the theme of tend, we will dive into the following topics: 

Self-Love & Self-Compassion: In the June-July lunar cycle, we’ll learn how to enter into a deeper level of self-acceptance by cultivating compassion for ourselves and learning practices to love ourselves exactly as we are. 

Re-connecting with our Inner Child: Then, from July-August, we’ll get to know who we were before the world told us who we should be and find ways to bring our inner child forward in our lives now, creating more space for joy and playfulness. 

Ritualizing the Routine & Finding Magic in the Every day: And in August-September’s lunar cycle, we’ll explore simple ways we can begin to cultivate a sense of magic in the day to day, transforming our mundane routines into something more fulfilling. We’ll practice presence and wonder and learn how to lean into the power of ritual and intention. 

A Sample Year in Wellspring…



In autumn, under the theme of harvest, we might dive more deeply into the following, or similar, topics: 

Abundance: We’ll explore our relationships with abundance and money and work through the barriers that get in the way of us fully claiming our self-worth.

Presence: We’ll learn practices for mindfulness and how to bring gratitude into our lives so we can better cultivate joy and savour every beautiful moment of our lives.

Letting Go: We’ll learn how to process grief and loss, and get radically honest about what we need to let go of in our lives to create space for more of our truth. 

A Sample Year in Wellspring…



In winter, under the theme of rest, we might dive more deeply into the following, or similar, topics:

Slowing Down:
We’ll explore our internalized resistance to rest and break down the barriers that get in the way of our ability to slow down. We’ll practice giving ourselves permission to slow down, take breaks, and rest. 

Deep Self-care: We’ll learn what true self-care looks like, beyond what we see on Instagram and Pinterest, and create specific plans to ensure we are truly tending to ourselves. 

Shadow Work: We’ll embark on a journey to begin exploring our own shadow sides and diving deep into the core wounds we carry from our childhood and past experiences, learning how they continue to show up in our lives now and how to transform them. 

A Sample Year in Wellspring…



In spring of 2021, under the theme of bloom, we dove into the following topics. 2022’s themes might change slightly based on the desires of the group, but here’s what it might look like: 

Connecting to Your Inner Knowing: Throughout the March-April lunar cycle, we are exploring our relationship with our intuition and our desires, getting clear on what we most want.

Self-Trust: Then in the April-May lunar cycle, we’ll build on what we have learned from our intuition and solidify our sense of trust in ourselves, moving away from scarcity and not-enough-ness to self-trust and sovereignty.

Connecting to our Emotions: From May-June we’ll be exploring how to connect with, feel and process our emotions. We’ll have built up a strong foundation in our inner knowing and sense of self-trust to support us as we engage in this process of delving into our emotional landscape. 

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I also offer a number of partial scholarships to Wellspring for folks in financial need, with priority going to BIPOC individuals. To request a partial scholarship, please email me.